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Be Careful What You Wish For, Labor!

It’s done and dusted: Kevin 013 has been sworn in, he’s the Big Banana again. But I can’t help wondering if the Labor Party (particularly the Caucus) is really prepared for what they have done. This is the man that everyone said was impossible to work with, who was rude and autocratic. The only thing he has going for him (as far as his Labor colleagues really believe, I suspect), is that people who do not actually know him, like him and believe in his messianic ways.

Whilst he believes he is back in his true role, he probably should remember that he has been reinstated reluctantly, only because he can deliver votes, and make the defeat less bad, or, miracle of miracles, somehow snatch victory from the jaws of defeat! I am quite sure that Tony Abbott and the Liberal/Nationals fear taking on Rudd far more than Gillard, and the election will be much closer.

Why was Gillard so disliked? Why couldn’t she cut through, when she has actually brought to fruition a number of important policies, such as the Disability Scheme and the Gonski reforms in Education. She is known to be a good negotiator, and to be very warm and personable in informal situations. My straw-polling suggests that the very manner of her taking of the Prime Minister role was the first and unforgiven mistake. It was knife-in-the-back and unpleasant, and many, even die-hard Labor voters were – and remain – deeply uncomfortable about it. In the intervening years, Rudd has consistently undermined and destabilised Gillard – and he has done so very effectively. Then there were the changes of policy – Juliar became her nickname with good cause. However the vitriol against her has been deeply cruel and personal. Is it that Australian men are still (when you scratch off the surface skin) deeply anti-women in power?

I hope that time will treat Julia Gillard kindly. Her time in power was almost always tempestuous and challenging, and she remained tough and outwardly strong to the end. Her resignation speech last night was given by a woman in control of her feelings and dignified. She actually achieved a lot, and I hope those things will be remembered. I wonder what she will do, post politics.

What now? Firstly, we need to wait and see whether Tony Abbott will attempt a No Confidence motion, or just let the last day of this Parliament go by. Will Rudd bring the election on sooner, to take advantage of a voter ‘bounce’? Will we see shifts in Labor policy?

Will Labor – and the citizens of Australia – regret yesterday? What do you think? Will this change your vote?

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Just when we might have thought it was ok to breathe slowly again and settle down, Julia Gillard’s new cabinet announcement a few hours ago probably has put many of us back on our backsides! What a couple of weeks it has been for political groupie like me!

It’s not that Bob Carr will not do a good job – indeed, he may well be outstanding;  it’s not that (more…)

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Freedom to choose doesn’t give freedom to all

Whatever your politics, whatever you think of Julia Gillard and the ALP, however you feel about gay marriage, the Leader  has shown herself to be a very clever tactician on the matter.

While matters of more world-wide importance will be debated, the contentious issue (more…)

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