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Change of plans….

Life is what happens when you are making other plans – so said John Lennon.

I have become very slack about researching and writing posts. It is not that I sit around and do nothing, but somehow….life gets in the way. And now, I have some other projects which will take a lot of my time in the next year or so. And frankly, the state of Australian politics and some elements of public opinion has brought me to despair. A pox on both their houses, said Shakespeare in something…. and I agree.

So I have come to a decision. I am not abandoning this blog by any means, but it is going to take a different format. My new aim is to make short, pithy comments, and I really want you to engage with me and each other with your views.

So, on to part 2 of this sojourn…join me on the journey, please….

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If it weren’t so farcical, it would just be funny…or would it?

Minister Bill Shorten was interviewed on Sky news a couple of days ago.  In part, he was asked about the Peter Slipper matter, and even if you don’t know a thing about the Slipper matter, this would still be an amazing performance.  Remember, this is a responsible member of our government.

Take a look at this from YouTube:  “The Talented Mr Shorten”

At first glance, this is ‘cabinet solidarity’ gone crazy: “whatever my boss says, I agree with it”!

But respected political commentator Michelle Gratten, in the Sydney Morning Herald today (29/4/12) suggests there is a much more subtle message going on here.  This was the third in a series of statements by Mr Shorten which together,  had the effect of distancing himself from his Prime Minister.  She suggests it’s a small move in his plan to become leader himself eventually…but not yet.  Read her full article here.  Interesting…

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Did you know…

…according to a  survey report on the BBC News website, around 25% of  people surveyed (more…)

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