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Yay, Gay Marriage: let’s just do it!!

In an extremely unruly (and at times, nasty) Q and A last evening, Rhys Muldoon (actor +), made remarkable sense. The question of gay marriage came up (inevitably, especially with Penny Wong on the panel) and Christopher Pine (Liberal) said (my interpretation of his words) that it was not on the list of priority items for the Liberals. The economy and the ‘financial crisis’, etc were more important. Putting aside whether we are actually in a finacial crisis or not, Rhys just said (again my words): It will cost nothing and it will take a stroke of a pen: just do it. I’m with Rhys. No churches need to marry anyone if they don’t want to, no wars will begin, no societies will fall apart…just do it!

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Goodbye and thank you, Bob Brown

So Bob Brown is retiring and handing over the reins to Christine Milne. I wish him a happy and fulfilled retirement with his partner Paul, and thank him for his contributions to a more just and civil society, as well as a more environmentally aware Australia.

There is considerable debate in the media as to whether his retirement will result in the gradual death of the Greens. (more…)

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Some thoughts on the Kony 2012 You Tube sensation

It depends what you read, but as I write this, the Kony 2012 You Tube video made by ‘Invisible Children’ has definitely gone viral with between 75 and 100 million hits in just over a week. Whatever, definitely viral. If you haven’t seen it and would like to, here’s a link. The 30 minute video presents the case against Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, a group ( of insurgents? terrorists? political fighters? call them what you will) based in the general area of   (more…)

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A Quick Look at some Immigration Facts

In many discussions about  ‘boat arrivals’, and particularly in some of the popular media, the people who arrive by boat are cast as invaders who will take over Australia because there seems to be a belief that they are arriving in great numbers. And they are still referred to as ‘illegal’ – which they aren’t, under Australian law.  (more…)

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