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However bad, we’ve got it good really…

This morning I heard that the deaths in Egypt have reached 500+ – this is an unconfirmed report, I believe. Recent history in Egypt has been tumultuous to say the least. I won’t go through all the details, suffice to say that the Army and Police have deposed the democratically elected leader (President Morsi) because the people were not happy with his progress in the year since his election. He leads the Muslim Brotherhood, a fairly fundamentalist muslim group. The fighting is primarily between the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and the security forces.

My point is that this is what can happen, even with a notionally democratically elected government. For all the many faults our system has, and the totally uninspiring campaigns by both main parties at present, at least we are fortunate enough to live in a truly secular, democratic and robust democracy.

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My Quest for Truth

I really want to hear truth from our politicians, and I believe I’m not alone.

I don’t want half-truths and lies. I don’t want claims coming from the imagination of the person making the claim, or from the party apparatchiks who write the lines.

I want to know the real story: bad news where it is bad, good where it is good. I don’t want exaggerated rounding up or down of figures and percentages. I want the parties to explain their platforms, tell us how they will fund their promises, what cuts they plan to make. I want more than “3-word-slogans” – which, of course, is a three word slogan!!

When the Liberals say they will stop the boats and tow them back, I want to know exactly how they will do that without breaching international conventions at sea. How many boats and people are going to be needed to achieve this: there’s a lot of water up there, and we are not finding all the boats now!! Will this be any cheaper than Labor’s “take them all to Manus Island” solution? Are either the best answer – to me, NO.

Why won’t Tony Abbott explain how the Liberals will fund their promises? How will Labor make the transition to a post-resources boom economy? Since there is likely a $30b debt, whoever wins, how will each parties plan to deal with this….

I have mentioned on Facebook that there is a website called The Conversation which looks at some of the claims and hyped up rhetoric to discover the truth. There is another site you might want to look at which checks for truth: it’s called Politifact. I’ll be referring to it to seek the truth…will you?

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Yay, Gay Marriage: let’s just do it!!

In an extremely unruly (and at times, nasty) Q and A last evening, Rhys Muldoon (actor +), made remarkable sense. The question of gay marriage came up (inevitably, especially with Penny Wong on the panel) and Christopher Pine (Liberal) said (my interpretation of his words) that it was not on the list of priority items for the Liberals. The economy and the ‘financial crisis’, etc were more important. Putting aside whether we are actually in a finacial crisis or not, Rhys just said (again my words): It will cost nothing and it will take a stroke of a pen: just do it. I’m with Rhys. No churches need to marry anyone if they don’t want to, no wars will begin, no societies will fall apart…just do it!

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The First Debate: Yawn factor?

Well, I missed it!!! From what I have heard and read, I didn’t actually miss much.

I think, on balance, the media seems to think Abbott won by a short head. Unfortunately, neither leader was very inspiring apparently. Rudd pushed the rules by taking notes with him, but nothing else untoward seems to have happened!

Did you watch it? Did you learn anything new from either man? Who did you think won? Did it change your views at all?
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Election: Unusual experiment

Yesterday evening, I took part in an experiment which the ABC is running. It’s called “Vote Compass”, and you can find it at” and have a go yourself. It only takes about 15-20 minutes in all.

This is how it works: there are a number of carefully created statements and the aim is that you select the response which is closest to how you feel. Most main areas of government policy are covered. After you finish that section, you are asked to ascribe a value between 0 and 10 to the various areas, depending how important they are to you (0= not important to you, 10=very important to you) then there are various other questions which cover your general background (demographics).

The computer program behind all this (made up of algorithms, just as Facebook and Google work), then analyzes your answers and provides you with a snapshot of where your views put you on a double axis square. It also shows you where the Liberals, Labor and the Greens are on that square, so you can see how well you fit with who you are thinking of voting for. It provides you with other pieces of information about, for example, how important the parties themselves rate the various issues.

It is a little bit of fun, and from my point of view, I came out roughly where I expected!! What is also interesting is that the results are being put together to provide a snapshot of the view of the whole sample (you and everyone who takes part). Of course, this is not, in statistical theory, a representative sample, but to correct that, MORE algorithms are used to attempt to ‘weight’ your responses to make them more representative, which is why they needed some basic information about yourself (although it is all anonymous). Don’t ask: much too complicated for me!! Anyway, at various times, the ABC will produce reports on the findings.

Should be interesting to watch how it goes…

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Who puts the words in Tony Abbott’s mouth?

I realise most of you will not follow this up, cos it’s more a political groupie thing, but on ABC 1 tonight, (at 9.30 Eastern Australian Standard time), the show Q and A is on. One of the panelists tonight is Graham Morris who is the Liberal spinmeister extraordinaire for Tony Abbott.

If you want a glimpse of who fashions Tony Abbott and his negative statements etc, take a look at Graham Morris tonight. Personally, I find him objectionable, not because of his politics, but because of what I consider the nastiness of the man. What do you think?

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At last…

Well, fellow Australians, it’s finally officially on (again)!!!!
Kevin Rudd has called it for 7 September, and I predict that more people than ever before will vote ‘informal’ because they are so frustrated by both major parties!!

What are your feelings on the election? Have you already made up your mind, or are you waiting to see/hear more details and policies? Will you vote informal, or for Labor or Liberal, or the Greens, or an Independent?

Share with us what you’re thinking, just click in the comment box at the bottom of this post, and type away.
It will not appear immediately because I check all comments to make sure they are not defamatory, contain swearing etc. But I will not censor anything just because I happen to disagree with the content. So, come on, what do you think?

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