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Alan Jones: you do not speak for me.

Finally I’ve been stirred enough to begin posting again!!
I am apalled by Alan Jones. I am equally apalled that he commands such a large audience, and wields the influence which he appears to do.
I sincerely believe he is a person of strongly right wing views who hates strong women who have power.
I think his most recent comments about Julia Gillard’s father were in the most disgustingly bad taste.
However, earlier remarks by him that Julia Gillard should be hanged, and that she should be put in a chaff bag, taken out to sea and thrown over to drown, were far worse and were totally unacceptable.
I am not going to sink to his levels by describing him in the way that I would like. But why does he (and others like him, such as Andrew Bolt and Paul Murray), seem to be given carte blanche to be abusive and unpleasant and continue to get away with it. He makes unfounded and untrue allegations and remarks about his chosen victims, and they are often left with no means to wipe away the mud he intends will stick.
Unfortunately, many of the cases of defamation etc which are commenced against him are concluded through confidential settlements, so that we can not know about them.
Why can men like him (and it does seem to be almost exclusively men who indulge in this behaviour), continue to exercise this unpleasant power? Do his words tap into something deep inside some of us? I don’t know or understand, but I know he will never speak to or for me.
Disagree with other’s views or politics by all means, and debate those views wholeheartedly, but do so with grace, politeness and a focus on the issue not the person.

Alan Jones, a truly civil society has no need of people like you.


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Voluntary Euthanasia Bill


The other day, on the day it occurred, I heard about a forum being held at Parliament House, Sydney called “Rights of the Terminally Ill in NSW”.  The organiser was Cate Faehrmann, a Greens MLC, who intends to introduce a bill seeking to legalise euthanasia into the NSW Parliament in 2012.  And at the same time, there is news of a terminally ill woman in British Columbia, Canada, going to court to have the right to ‘assisted suicide”.

This got me thinking! And researching, in order to understand the issues better. (more…)

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