Australia at a critical point?

February 3, 2012 at 5:04 am Leave a comment

Our wide brown land, it seems to me, is under threat. Coalescing land use and ownership issues are making me wonder how the landmass we know as Australia  will exist in the future. I do consider myself a citizen of the world, but perhaps paradoxically, I still see  merit in valuing our homeland. What are the topics which have led me to consider that there is a serious challenge? 

Do we let coal steam gas extraction occur everywhere…anywhere – and is coal seam gas a worthy substitute power source?

Who owns our land – and what happens to the produce grown and the resources mined on or under it?

Which is more important, land for farming or land for mining – or can they co-exit?

What is food security, and do we need to consider it (and whose food security is it anyway?)  

Over-arching all of this is climate change: is it real, are humans responsible, and if it is, how will it affect us in Australia and how are any of these questions related to it?

Over the next couple of months or so, I will return to this theme and try to address these issues in a series of articles which I hope will provide information and provoke your thoughts.

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