Freedom to choose doesn’t give freedom to all

November 22, 2011 at 4:05 am Leave a comment

Whatever your politics, whatever you think of Julia Gillard and the ALP, however you feel about gay marriage, the Leader  has shown herself to be a very clever tactician on the matter.

While matters of more world-wide importance will be debated, the contentious issue of gay marriage will also be up for discussion, as part of negotiating the ALP platform for the next few years.  In a seeming spirit of accepting diversity(within the party), she has decreed that there will be a ‘conscience vote’. ‘ Divide and conquer’ do I hear you say?  Yes, an ALP conscience vote in Parliament will see the bill fail to get through the House of Reps, since Tony the Abbott certainly will not be giving the Liberals a similar freedom. What an effective way to ditch a proposal, without actually voting it down and out.

Although the left wing of the party intends to fight hard, I suspect they will not hold sway in the end: the platform will remain the same: ‘marriage is between a man and a woman’.  (Wasn’t the law changed to include these words only a few years ago by John Howard’s government? Have to research that!)

If you believe the protagonists, public sentiment is ahead of many politicians on this: many people really couldn’t care less, if gays want to marry, then why not? My straw poll is not very big, but most people I have spoken with, and most comment I’ve read, agree that gay marriages under most faiths’ auspices probably is a step too far at this time, but a civil marriage seems to pose little issue for most.

It seems public opinion will need to push the pollies kicking and screaming to the altar on this!

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